Two selections from The 8 O'Clock Bell ...

Steven Meyer


Steve Meyer was known as "The Prince of the Paddle" - a master of table-top talents.

His heavy and cumbersome leg brace would rattle, yet no one could catch him off balance.

Still, it wasn't that way when he first came to play; he was always so easy to beat.

But, he practiced at home in his basement alone,

with a burning desire to compete.

See, Steven's disease made him weak in the knees

and he couldn't play "run around" sports.

And no matter how hot any August day got -

you'd just never catch Steve wearin' shorts. 

But, weakness aside, that kid's strength came from pride

in the one thing he learned how to ace.

"Cause when us challengers came to the one we thought lame -

shortly after, Steve showed us our place!

Yup, to think of the way Steven Meyer could play ...

through the patience he took to adjust, 

just makes me truly believe, that for people like Steve, 

the most highest of hurdles -  are us.

So, what's he doin' these days? That, I really can't say 

but, I'll say this without apprehension:

That whatever it is, I'm sure Steven's a wiz -

with his talents commanding attention.

A Teacher's Dream


Last night I dreamed I died and found myself in teacher heaven,

and I could not believe the splendid things that I was given!

A simply perfect classroom filled with every teaching tool

that I had ever asked for since I'd starting teaching school.

But, all was just a dream, as I found out when I awakened,

for with my eyes wide open, each and every one was taken.

Then, suddenly recalling all my lovely teaching gifts -

I realized the ultimate omission from my list.

Why weren't my children in my dream? But then, I understood.

That room was full of perfect things -  

and kids just aren't that good. 

My dreaming had awakened me to what that stuff was worth ...

and I'd been blessed to see that kids are heaven, here on Earth. 

A Teacher's Dream

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