The Travels of Harmon Bidwell

The Travels of Harmon Bidwell resulted from the original adventure known as "Harmon's Letters", and the book includes all of Harmon's eight original letters, artwork and poetry sent to his beloved Aunt Victoria during his travels in 1916 and 1917. Also included are his writings  and photographs from his service in Europe as a World War I pilot. 

Throughout the ten-year run (beginning in 1993) of Harmon's adventures in classrooms across Indiana and beyond, more than ten thousand students found themselves deeply immersed into his travels by over 80 teachers and countless others who enjoyed his romp as much as the kids themselves.

To this day, several schools to the far northern reaches of the state have kept the old traveler's heart beating through their inclusion of state standards to slap on to the already hundreds of existing classroom inquiries and physical gadgetry originally created for the adventure.  

Harmon, his adventures, the time in which he existed and the affect of traveling with him were not your standard items, and at this time only a few books remain, which are being utilized to help upcoming educators at Indiana University Southeast realize the motivational potential of self-created curriculum. However, The Travels of Harmon Bidwell will be released as an E-Book in the near future.

The book, Flying With Both Wings, (2001, Phi Delta Kappa International) tells of how the entire adventure was created and supported by both local and national sponsors. 

Below is one of Harmon's favorite poems written to Aunt Victoria, following his time spent on a farm in Ohio in an attempt to help an old farmer get his busted windmill running once again. The artwork depicts the moment at which the two were finally successful ...