The RBC News


For 17 years, The Rebels' Broadcasting Corporation was on the air, and although over 300 VHS videotapes still exist of student-produced features of every kind, only a handful of still photos were ever taken.  Eventually, digitized film clips will appear on this site, but until then, these few pictures will have to represent many miles of film covering everything from school sports and camp, to an impressive collection of fantastic home-made commercials of which both local and corporate sponsors were extremely proud. 

Without question, every student was important to this live television production, but one - Kerri Cokeley - has stood out in relation to the RBC News' continuing legacy to this day, because she has taken on the monumental task of cataloging an enormous amount of the original VHS footage.  (Kerri is seen in the above photo at lower-left, as a 6th grade technician.) This means that in the future, exceptional scenes of classic RBC programs will be available for viewing on this site - scenes that could very well include you, your parents or grandparents as elementary school newscasters or as stars in other roles that were filmed once upon a time in the somewhat peaceful setting of Elizabeth, Indiana.