Dodge Ball    Words & Music Neil Brewer 2006

Lookout, Mary’s got the ball ...and her eyes are set on you!

She’s lean, she’s mean, she’s quick and tall –

there’s nothin’ you can do.

One time, she drew a bead on Fred, back when he first moved in.

She slung one straight upside his head - Fred hasn’t played since then.


We laughed when we first saw her throw with that wind-up, fling and twirl -

now, every single kid I know tries throwin’ like that girl.

But, none of us have matched her way – perhaps it’s in the eyes.

We only know that when she plays ...we drop like swatted flies.


Dodge ball, dodge ball – Mary’s gonna’ make us fall!

(It ought to be against the law, that she should even play at all.)

Dodge ball, dodge ball – Mary sure is beautiful,

but, friend, I wouldn’t tell her that,

‘cause she’ll wind up hard …and you’ll wind up flat!


‘Same thing happens every day – Mary puts us in our place.

Though we try, we cannot get away from that Mona Lisa face.

Each day, we wonder who it is she’s gonna’ level first.

And when she’s through with what she does …we all line up for the nurse!

When I go out into the world don’t know what job I’ll do.

But, I can bet I know one girl  who's gonna' run a wreckin’ crew!

Lookout, Mary’s got the ball …and her eyes are set on you!