Reviews following Elementary School Performances 

"A tremendous performance. Your music and poetry are history lessons within themselves. The students were enamored the entire time through visuals, music and poetry that wrought broad emotions in all present."  - Dr. Glenn R. Riggs / Principal / Henryville Elementary School / Henryville, Indiana - 812-294-4806

"What a wonderful performance.  You are a great story teller, poet, and song writer.  My 4th and 5th graders watched the performance and were completely engaged.  At the end of the day I had some boys come and sing one of the songs you performed.  Wow, that says a lot!  The students really enjoyed the experience.  As an educator, I loved how you shared the process you use to write your poems and songs.  I am sure I will have some poets sprout from the experience.  Thank you so much for sharing your morning with us.  I would recommend this program to anyone."  - Julie Kelly / Principal / Redding Elementary School / Seymour, Indiana -

"Dear Mr. Brewer, Thank you for coming and sharing your poetry, songs and nostalgia with our students and staff. It is important to instill in our children a sense of history and common culture. Your presentation has elements that anyone who has ever attended school can relate to, and as you could see, our students were attentive because the poetry and songs were engaging. It was great to see students as young as five sitting quietly and listening, and I have no doubt that your presentation will inspire some of our students to begin writing poetry or songs. Thanks again - the show was great." - Scott Gregory / Principal / David E. Smith Elementary School / Haltom City, Texas - 817-547-1600

"Neil, Thank you so much for a fabulous author visit. Anyone who can keep 320 elementary students entertained and engaged two days before Christmas is amazing. I have had many positive comments from both students and teachers, and I plan to encourage other librarians in the district to consider having you. I'm sure their students would enjoy your presentation as much as mine did." Ann McKee / Librarian / Bransford Elementary School / Colleyville, Texas - 817-305-4920

"Neil Brewer was a delight to have at our school.  He did a great job of entertaining both the young and adult crowds at St. Matthews on our field day. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my students, staff and parents who attended the event.  They all loved him and his stories, and I think he has inspired a few (students and adults) to start collections of their own!"  - Carrie Mateja / Librarian / St. Matthews Elementary School / Louisville, Kentucky - 502-485-8321

"Neil's presentation captivated our elementary campus!  His music and poetry appealed to old and young alike.  This was a wonderful start to National Poetry Month!"  - Tammy Wolford / Librarian/  Eagle Ridge Elementary School / Keller, Texas / 817-744-6323 

"Today's performance was wonderful!  It was song, poetry, life, and history all rolled into one!  What a great way to help students realize that writing is easy if you write about what you know."  - Ken Bracey / 5th Grade Teacher / Johnson Elementary School / Scottsburg, Indiana /

"A wonderful, exciting show with students hanging on to every word. I would highly recommend scheduling Neil for a performance at your school. You'll be glad you did!"  Trent Shelton / Principal / Freetown Elementary School / Freetown, Indiana - 812-497-2911

"Neil, we absolutely enjoyed every minute you spent with our students! It's not often that one person can captivate the attention of every person in our school! Our kindergartners were enthralled and our 5th graders couldn't get enough - thank you so much!"  - Gina Finnell / Literacy Leader / Price Elementary School / Louisville, KY - 502-485-8315

"Neil, I have heard nothing but wonderful things - such as, from our art teacher, Pam Palmieri: 'What amazed me, was watching the expressions on the children's faces and seeing their enjoyment and pleasure as they listened to your poetry and music. Thank you for such an enjoyable trip!' - and from Linda Polesel, our music teacher: 'Fantastic! Highly recommended! I loved the fact that it brought the thoughts and feelings of those a few years ago to the present, making us realize that we all (the different generations) have very much in common ...that we all jump to conclusions too quickly and we should value life and each other a little more.'- Thank you for sharing with us at CES."  - Shelley Gies / Principal / Clark Elementary School / Franklin, Indiana - 317-535-8503

"I've used Neil's curricular materials with my own students for years, and found them to be integrated with the major subject areas, as well as with State Standards. Further, his sense of humor appeals to students and teachers alike - specifically within The 8 O'Clock Bell - as he has a way of looking at the 'ordinary school day' and seeing something unique."  - Max Monts / 5th Grade / Clear Creek Elementary / BloomingtonIndiana - 812-824-2811

"Neil Brewer's presentation was wonderful. He sent his book ahead of time, so the students were really prepared for his visit. They loved his poems - and not just the fun ones. Some of our best discussions centered around those with a more serious tone. Putting many of his works to music was a special treat, and the artifacts he brought were fascinating to the kids (and the teachers!). Neil really got us turned on to poetry! (And one more aside - the older students are STILL sounding British!!) It was a great show." - Annette Skees / Media Specialist / Coral Ridge Elementary / Louisville, KY - 502-485-8234

"The 8 O'Clock Bell is delight to all. After eight years of using Neil's material and viewing his performances, I can heartily recommend him to students of all ages." - Jim Dowling / 5th Grade Teacher / Hickory Center Elementary School / Fort Wayne, Indiana - 260-637-3758

"Mr. Brewer's program is for children of all ages. He uses music, art, technology and poetry to teach about life's lessons. Great job!" - Susan Johnston / Music Teacher / Holy Spirit School / Louisville, Kentucky - 502-893-7700

"Neil, we have never seen our 5th grade class so excited about poetry. We told them to put your book away so we could get other lessons finished, and now they write poetry on their own time. Amazing! Thanks again!"- Lindsay Davis & Jerry Timberlake / 5th Grade / Lanesville Elementary School / Lanesville, Indiana - 812-952-3000

"Neil's presentation was outstanding!"  - Aimee Roberts / Jonathan Jennings Elementary School / Sellersburg, Indiana - 812-256-7284

"He made his poems come alive! Students don't often see the process of poetry converted to music."- Barbara Bohn-Vigar / 5th Grade / Grant Line Elementary School / New Albany, Indiana - 812-949-4290

"When the teachers and students come up to you in the hall and ask, ' When is Mr. Brewer coming back?' you know it was a successful performance. - Oh, and two copies of The 8 O'Clock Bell in the media center are not enough! (I have a list of poems that you didn't get around to today ... remind me to book you for an hour and a half next time!) - Sherry Jasper / Library Media Specialist / Medora Elementary School / Louisville, KY - 502-485-8298

"Neil, the whole crowd was mesmerized ...watching both parents and children as they listened inspired me to develop a unit of poetry on 'school memories' with students. It's amazing what another person's words can rekindle in your own memory! Thank you for sharing your talent with us." - Leslie Senn / Media Specialist / Hawthorne Elementary School / Louisville, KY -502-485-8263

"He brought his poems to life! The students and we teachers loved it!"- Danielle Mitchell / 3rd Grade Teacher / Silver Creek Elementary / Charlestown, Indiana  - 812-246-3312

"He read, he sang, he captivated his audience!"- Adina Vogt / Teacher / Our Lady of Perpetual Help School New Albany, Indiana - 812-944-7676

  "The kids and staff absolutely LOVED the presentation!  Your upbeat and positive attitude toward writing poetry has, I'm sure, helped our kids have a better understanding and love for writing." - Jon Miller / Assistant Principal / Flaherty Elem. School /Ekron, KY / 270- 422-7565 

"Neil took us to school with him, and showed us that we can open our hearts and memories to our pen and paper and make our writing capture them for others to enjoy!" Debbie Mosley, Club Advisor / The Quill and Scroll Authors' Club / New Washington Elementary School / New Washington, Indiana - 812-293-3331

"Neil, we loved your performance. The students were so engaged in the songs and clever words. There weren't any flashy lights or inappropriate words, and still they enjoyed every little bit. It just goes to show that kids aren't that much different than we were at their age, and a harmonica can go a long way!" Michelle Hughes / 5th Grade Teacher / David E. Smith Elementary School / Haltom City, Texas - 817-547-1600 Ext. 1683 "Your poems are excellent; I can't wait to get the book to read them to my class." - Roxanne MaGee / 4th Grade Reading Teacher / David E. Smith Elementary School / Haltom City, Texas - 817-547-1600 Ext. 1680

"Thank you for sharing with our students. I have heard great compliments from them and they truly enjoyed your performance." Martha Beckort / Reading Specialist / Lanesville Elementary School / Lanesville, Indiana / 812-952-2555 Ext. 262 /

"Our students at Eubanks Intermediate School were fascinated by Neil's program. Their response was heartfelt and immediate and teachers, parents and students relished every minute of our time with Neil and wished we had time for an encore! Lucy Drenka / Librarian / Eubanks Intermediate School / Southlake, Texas

"Thanks again for coming to Lanesville Elementary with your presentation.  I was amazed at how your were able to hold the attention of a kindergarten through sixth grade audience.  Your music and poetry encompassed many aspects of education appropriate to the past and the present. Thanks again for a great assembly." Marsha Himelhaver / Principal / Lanesville Elementary School / Lanesville, Indiana /812-952-3000 /

"Neil Brewer makes poetry fun.  He connects with the children and encourages them to write about their own experiences.  His poems about school are something we can all relate to."  Karen Striby, LMS / Jeffersontown Elementary School / Louisville, Kentucky / 502-485-8274 /

"Neil's performance for our kids was mesmerizing. The stories and poems are original and will strike a chord with all who hear them." Tammy Hileman / Children's Theatre Workshop / Peru, Indiana /