RBC News Commercials

And now, a word from our sponsors! Enjoy this collection of classic performances by a whole host of students and special guests. Just click on any photo ...

Sam Meyers1 Sam Meyers Formal Wear 

Starring Seth Willis, Leslie Wolfe, Jennifer Brewer and Terry Ward.

Sports World Sports World

Starring Heather Ballentine, Chris Whitis and a host of students' voices.

Santa's Workshop Bennett & Bennett Insurance

Starring Kive Fink, Aaron Bruce, Wendy Huffman, April Abbott, Brandon Crisp and a sleigh-full of other energetic elves. If you were an elf or recognize one not credited here, send a note to neil@neilbrewer.com


Starring Jennifer Sutton, Sarah Funk, Heather Pellman and Jamie Pellman.

Nance's Store Nance's General Store

Starring Brian Hertle and Jamie Borgelt.

Democrat The Corydon Democrat

Starring Bobby Neville, ?, Kevin Leibert and Scott Ferriell 

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut

Starring a bunch of Wyandotte Woods survivors.

Farmer's State Bank Farmers' State Bank

Starring Katie Huckaby, Rob Huckaby and Todd Ashton.

People's Trust Bank People's Trust Bank

Starring Lori Ferree, Derrick Kaiser and Angie Johns.

NBD Bank NBD Bank

Starring Mark Sutton and Class.

Gerdon's Auto Gerdon's Auto

Starring Rossi Martino and Jeff Schaffer.

Cheerleaders Drs. Allen, Lawson, Buchanan & Lee

Starring Holly Pellman, Rachel Timberlake and Johnna Arnold