6th Grade Camp 

Where it all began ...

Irvin Goldstein was the most "Let's just do it" teacher ever made. Among a dozen other highly creative achievements, he designed a ground-breaking camping program back in 1966 for, and  with his students - and then took them on it.  This photo was the class picture taken just a few years later, when Neil was fortunate enough to be in Mr. Goldstein's class both as a 5th grader in a 5th/6th split class, and then again as a 6th grader. The class went to Otter Creek Park, near Fort Knox, Kentucky, and stayed for three days at a site called Camp Tall Trees.  These early years of camping were to mark the beginning of a legacy owed to Mr. Goldstein's pioneering methods of engaging students in deeply meaningful learning that would last them a lifetime.  

6th Grade.jpg

5th /6th Grade Class of 1967 - 1st Row: Francis Gillespie, Linda Rue, Kay Lippman. Connie Rue, Ronnie Stopher, Eddie Hutzelman, David Mock, Bobby James, Fran Hansen - 2nd Row: Tara Cook, Paula Coomer, Steve Hines, Tina Hurt, Ellen Morrison, Connie Willman, Donnie Perry, George Layman, Glenn Norrington - 3rd Row: Paula Stoner, Mary Oldham, Neil Brewer, Laurie Oldham, Kirk Kellams, Sherry Smith, Sally Huff, Mr. Goldstein 

 A few of the only still-existing photos from those first years of camp...  


Connie Rue Hodges and Tara Cook working on the 'ol "plaster casts of animal tracks" activity.

The spectacular memories of those days at Camp Tall Trees remained with all who went, and when Neil began teaching in 1981, taking kids to camp was at the top of the list of things to accomplish.  However, in order for that to happen, many things had to come together in just the right way, and they did, in the form of dozens of caring people who were willing to spend lots of  time somewhere out in the woods with up to a hundred 6th graders.  Be sure to click on "The Counselors" to find out who those special people were for so many years!